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For Sorting Decorative Stone Products.

Learn How The Stone Hog Can Reduce Your Operating Costs

Process 10 Times More Raw Material Per Man Hour

The Stone Hog sorting system is a mobile platform designed to maximize stone sorting productivity. The unique way in which stone is processed, sorted and transported with this system will revolutionize your quarry operations. The Stone Hog system efficiently separates fines and allows safe on-site stone sorting. All of the sorted stone materials are ready for transport and can be processed immediately on delivery to your processing facility. If you package products on-site, the processed materials can easily be palletized as they come off of the Stone Hog.

The Stone Hog minimizes trucking costs by reducing the transport of waste materials from the quarry to the saw shop. Pre-sorting at the quarry allows for maximum labor productivity and process efficiencies once the stone is delivered to your manufacturing site.

Our customers have reduced their work force and substantially increased the amount of stone processed per labor hour.

Stop Manually Picking Through Your Building and Landscape Stone Materials.
Stone Hog V1
Start Using The Stone Hog To Double Your Quarry's Productivity!
Sorting with the Stone Hog

10 Years of Proven Success!
Reduce Your Operating Costs

The Stone Hog Has Proven Efficiency Results Which Increased ROI

The original Stone Hog prototype has been operational for over 10 years. During the trial phase an immense wealth of operational efficiency knowledge was gained. After working with the prototype, we manufactured a refined version two of the Stone Hog that has been working in the field for 3 years. Throughout the prototype and version two testing phases, the Stone Hog improved ROI by reducing quarrying operational costs and improving quality stone yields.

We are excited to announce that the third design variation of the Stone Hog is our first commercially available product offering.

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How Can The Stone Hog
Improve Your Quarry Operations?

Improve Jobsite Safety

The Stone Hog provides a safe working environment for your employees by limiting direct exposure with heavy equipment.

Stone Hog operators are provided with an ergonomic working platform that reduces back strain and other jobsite injuries. Operators will not have to bend over to pick up heavy rocks or risk injury while navigating through rugged terrain. Unnecessary injuries will be prevented by providing a safer stationary working environment thereby reducing your lost time rate.

Reduce Your Jobsite Injuries
Jobsite Safety

Stone Quarry

Reduce Quarrying Costs

Reduce your overall quarrying costs by maximizing yield before hauling stone material to the sawshop! Leave the waste at the quarry and only haul quality materials to your processing facility. The Stone Hog reduces labor per processed ton, by processing more quality stone with less man power.

A central hub for your quarrying operations; The Stone Hog will improve your yield, speed, efficiency and most importantly safety.

Increase Cost Savings
Stone Quarry

Move Anytime, Anywhere!

Move your sorting plant where ever you need it! The Stone Hog is designed to be moved quickly, reducing downtime with quarry moves and has the ability to access remote sites.

The Stone Hog is equipped with an axel assembly, air brakes, lights and all other road legal requirements, making it easy to transport with any conventional tractor.

Eliminate Costly Quarry Moves
Stone Hog

Increased Quarry Productivity

Improve Process Efficencies!

Increase your quarry productivity immediately with the Stone Hog! Centralizing your operations onsite allows for improved safety, heavy machine productivity and sorting capabilities.

Large Working Platform

The Stone Hog is designed with safety in mind. The working platform is low to the ground eliminating the need for handrail or fall restraints. The platform is large to allow for a maximum number of operators and covers both sides of the unit.

All moving components are fully guarded. The working height and process are designed to be ergonomic, minimizing workplace injuries that result due to positional movement.

Improve Your Jobsite Safety
Stone Hog - Large Working Platform

Stone Hog - Heavy Duty Gear Motors

Heavy Duty Gear Motors

Heavy duty Eurodrive gear motors produce unparalleled torque and durability. Combined with variable frequency drives you can control the speed of each component of the Stone Hog to match the material you are processing. This adjustability will maximize the efficiency of your workforce and minimize the amount of useful product waste.

Eliminate Downtime
Stone Hog - Heavy Duty Gear Motors

Heavy Duty Conveyor

The heavy duty conveyor and pulleys are custom made in Canada. The pulleys provide top level durability and functionality. Heavy duty belting ensures the machine has less down time.

Improve Your Quarry Uptime
Stone Hog - Heavy Duty Conveyor

Stone Hog - Programable Electronic Control System

Electronic Control System

Every Stone Hog comes equipped with an electronic control system that regulates all of the moving parts with precision and accuracy. The electronic panel provides a variable frequency drive that independently controls the belts and shaker table to ensure optimal motor settings for any type of quarry materials.

Operate with Precision and Accuracy
Stone Hog - Programable Electronic Control System

Side Discharge Conveyor

Separated material fines are redirected via a side discharge hopper. These fines can be stock piled or redirected through secondary screening. The Stone Hog will help maximize all the potential revenues from your quarry material.

Improve Quarry Revenue Potential
Stone Hog - Side Discharge Conveyor

Customize The Stone Hog To Suit
Your Operational Needs

The Stone Hog Is
Completely Customizable!

We understand that every quarry has unique challenges, modifications to machinery can help improve efficiencies. Typical Stone Hog customizations include:

Innovation + Quality
=Maximum Quarry Productivity

The Stone Hog Is Built To Last!

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